New Sixth College (SSPEB)


After multiple visits this is now my standard lunch place. Yummy, healthy, medium sized servings, would be fantastic if they would just work on portioning and mixing of ingredients. Good service


I miss proper street felafel. NYC-style. Israeli-style. Turkish-style. PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE SEND A WORTHY CONTENDER TO SD!!!!

cue the chorus of Hallelujah

Service: At 1:30pm there was no line and <5 min between order and food. Touch screen terminal malfunctioned, refusing to see any swipe/tap of credit card. Had to reorder with human who was friendly and apologetic. Standard paper takeout bowl. On more recent visits there have been some

First food item: Rice bowl with felafel. I have high felafel standards, this is some of the better stuff available in San Diego which isn’t a high bar. Tasty parsley felafel mix, wish it had a bit more herb/zaatar/salt in it. Should be a tiny bit less moist/more crispy. BUUUUUUUT this is still far and away the best of what is in SD to my knowledge since that Israeli place in Hillcrest folded circa 2016.

Saffron rice is very good. Important in a rice bowl. Veggies are great quality, but pickled veg are a bit milder than I’m used to. Quantity of all veg except for pickled raddish was miserly. 1 cherry tomato diced and 1” of pickle spear diced.

Now that I’ve visited I’ve discovered that the solution is to use the custom order mechanism. You can control what goes in and how much to a large degree. That can fix portioning, but they still just layer things in there with no mixing… so each bite is pretty much a different set of contents (oh hay, all veg… then all felafel… then all schwarma… ooops tahini is only on some of that)

Standard food item on successive visits: Pita with either all felafel or half felafel half schwarma if I’m hungry. All the pickled veg. Tahini + garlic sauce. Make sure you get the extra side of scharf (hot sauce).

You should definitely order on their app ahead of time and then just go to the front of line and collect when the order is done.

Cost: around $15 as I do my standard order, $13 for that first rice bowl.