Jason G. Fleischer

Assistant Teaching Professor in Cognitive Science @ UC San Diego

CSB 257

9500 Gilman Drive

La Jolla, CA 92093-0515


My goal is to facilitate students developing a passion for learning, and the skills to support it. You and I are both learning how to learn in these strange and difficult times. I’m grateful for your patience, but also your feedback about what isn’t working. If you have questions or need mentorship I’m here to help.

See teaching for current course information, and pandemic for relevant resources.


I use machine learning to extract knowledge from complex biological datasets. Working in close conversation with domain experts and literature, I make computational models that provide insights and new ways to interpret experimental data. In the past, I did this to study the neural processes underlying episodic memory, working memory, and consciousness. More recently I am applying this approach to analyze relationships between human health, behavior, aging, and various biomarkers.

For more information take a look at publications and projects.

semi-random things about me

I’m a dad to two kids; one is waist high to me, and I’m only shoulder high to the other. The water fountains in my small town Colorado high school were usually plugged with chewing tobacco and I can saddle a horse. My first computer’s OS was CP/M. I think detective fiction is really about philosophy and the search for truth. I play soccer, if you need an aging full back or midfield destroyer hit me up. My academic career has been everything except straightforward, if you need career advice or an ear hit me up. I’ve squashed horse cadaver legs in a materials testing machine for science. I’ve been mugged. Frankly, I preferred the latter.


Jul 7, 2020 Student research for Spring & Summer 2021
Jul 1, 2020 I’m pleased to announce I’m joining Cognitive Science at UC San Diego!