Jason reviews food at UCSanDiego: Seed and Sprout


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The sauces (slop) are waaay better than the contents (wodge). Very healthy; medium(-) sized servings; fast service; I will return


I used to have an English roomie who often pontificated that every good meal needs both slop (flavor / sauce) and wodge (filling contents). This place is great at the first one and terrible at the second.

Service: At 1pm in summer there was no line and it took like 1m30sec tops to make my food. I originally ordered one thing, but they were out of Brussel sprouts and so I changed my order. Service is communicative, asking about potential allergies, asking if I wanted extras

Food: Ahi bowl. White rice was too dry but bearable, and very small in proportion to the size of the bowl. OTOH the proportion of ahi and cucumber was huge! Veg is crisp, ahi is nice texture. Both are more pretty than delicious, but still quite nice enough for a fast food

Deliciousness comes from the sauce and ginger - jalapeño extras. Don’t forget to say yes to them! I’ve seen reviews that complain about the chicken, and I’d guess that like the ahi its probably a meh to meh++ base that gets good with the right sauce and flavorful extras.

Cost: $15. I was hungry and now I’m 93% full, so a decent but not big eater value. Value proposition is strongly in favor of meat eaters, as the all veg bowls are like only $1 cheaper, and I can’t imagine being full enough if all the ahi was replaced with cucumber.